3 Resources to a School Self-Care Routine


I’m mixing it up again this week to share with you THREE different resources about how to create a school self-care routine.

I like to differentiate these resources from others you may hear about self-care because they are simple, actionable steps you can start doing in your school day IMMEDIATELY, not self-care that requires an appointment or an expense.

Too often we only talk about self-care in grand terms, rather than small actionable, repeatable steps that over time will add up to significant results.

So this week I want to provide you with a few different ways to hear this message so that I can pass on to you some great resources that may be of interest in your teacher self-care journey.


If you haven’t listened to the Teacher Self-Care Podcast, you should definitely check it out. It’s hosted by Francesca Warren who is the founder of the Educator’s Room and creator of the Teacher Self-Care Conference.

It’s a great collection of interviews, personal stories and actionable tips about how (and why) teachers need to start putting the oxygen mask back on themselves first.

So today I want to share with you the interview that I did with you called “4 Steps to a School Self-Care Routine” on the Teacher Self-Care Podcast.

In this episode, I talk about how a sabbatical saved my sanity and teaching career, my (not one) but two bouts of teacher burnout, and what steps teachers need to take to establish a self-care routine! 


November 1st there is a really fun and inspiring online event happening.  It’s called the Day of Self-Care. Basically educators will sign up to receive access to 15 minute stories/lessons on self-care with actionable tips and one-pagers.  

The idea is that each session will give you inspiration and action.  Participants will have access to all of the materials so that they can peruse the material as needed or choose a few things to listen to, implement and come back for more.

You can register for the Day of Self-Care here.


I wanted to let you know that I updated this FREE course so that you not only have all the materials you need to learn, troubleshoot and implement a daily school self-care routine but you also now have access to the actual daily planner page that I use each day for checking in and reminding myself to do the self-care routine steps.

If you haven’t checked it out, it may be just what you need to build a self-care routine habit.

This Week’s Action:

Simply check out one of these resources to begin/refine/tweak your own daily school self-care routine.

So I wish you the best as you head into your week!  And as always check in with how implementing the action step goes.  And if you haven’t yet, join us over at We are Teaching Well for community, inspiration, motivation and meditation.


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