4 Self-Care Solutions to Build a Daily School Routine


I’ve been talking to a lot of teachers about going back to school already.  There is fear, apprehension and at times even disappointment and sometimes anger.  The way we left school in early June and what has transpired over the past few weeks leaves us all feeling a bit unmoored as to how this year is going to go.

I remember distinctly talking to a colleague about all of the mandates and enforcing we needed to do of masks, distancing, and cleaning before we even were able to teach.  He commented that he could see us being able to do this one year, but beyond that would be exhausting.

Exhausting.  We don’t want to feel exhausted, depleted or defeated before the year even begins.  So as a perpetual planner, I wanted to offer some exercises I’ve used in the past to assist in supporting teachers’ health and wellbeing by increasing self-care and building those resiliency muscles.

Each week, I’m going to highlight a different self-care tool with an accompanying resource. And if you want to know more about the tool, each is featured and/or discussed in The Path of the Mindful Teacher, so check that out for even more information.

Self-Care Routine Building is Key for Resiliency

The first resource I want to introduce you to is…

4 Self-Care Solutions to Build a Daily School Routine.

Many of you have seen this framework before, but take note of the resource’s final page:  it’s a Daily Journal that is fully modifiable for you to adjust/change for your unique teaching needs.  Simply use what works, and leave the rest.

I’m starting with this resource because it’s a great way to start building out how to schedule self-care time BEFORE the school year begins. You can even start to implement a different self-care exercise each week or something different each day now, so that you can experiment with what works and what doesn’t, saving yourself some time and energy later on.

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for additional resources that can be used to build your resiliency and offer some solid support during these unknown times.  We all need to feel connected and grounded when everything feels beyond our control (and right now so much of it is).  It is in that spirit I want to offer you these resources!

Have a wonderful week experimenting and getting curious about how to build a self-care routine and send me any comments, questions, concerns as you work through the materials.

P.S. If you’re looking for some extra support with building your resilience, the summer is a GREAT time to start.  Schedule a complimentary clarity call to see if Teacher Wellness Coaching is the right fit for you.