5 Steps to Move Teacher Self-Care from Classroom to Home


Although you are a teacher by profession, you are also so much more than that…  

You are an orchestrator of the unexpected.  

You are a champion of improvisation.

You are a master of resourcefulness.

You have skills, honed over time, that will be integral to not just surviving but thriving during this historically unprecedented time.

You already have mastery of your content regardless of working at school or home.  

Now let’s make sure that your teacher self-care tools move from classroom to home too.

Here are 5 steps to move your self-care from school to home, so that you can continue doing this tremendously difficult job of educating our nation and world’s children!


  • Create your ideal week (see example)
    • Consider time for sleep
    • Nutrition
    • Work
    • Movement
    • Connection
    • Rejuvenation
    • Fun/play
  • Discuss needs with family
  • Find your work space and set up accordingly

{2} PLAN 

  • Plan your WEEKLY BIG 3.
  • Plan your DAILY BIG 3
  • Batch your projects by day of the week


  • Check in with Daily Journal (see attached) at beginning, middle, end of your day
  • Avoid distractions when engaged in projects  (email, notifications, social media)
  • Break up activities into 45 minute increments (set your timer!)

{4} FLOW

  • Expect (and accept) the unexpected
  • Allow for shifts in the routine
  • Remain curious about what works and what doesn’t


  • End each day with reflection and gratitude
  • Find ways to transition between work and home (see list of self-care activities in guide)
  • Reward yourself for doing hard work that’s hard work

Looking for a little more support to make this transition from school to home a little more seamless? Check out Teaching Well’s FIVE STEPS to Move Teacher Self-Care from Classroom to Home that includes:

  • Example “IDEAL WEEK” schedule
  • Daily Journal Template that will help guide you through each and every day.
  • Sixty Self-Care activities that you can do (most from the comfort of your own home).


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