A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Danielle Nuhfer.


I’m a teacher wellness coach (and a fellow teacher!) and I help time-crunched teachers find time for self-care.

I work with teachers who love what they do (most of the time) but don’t love how they feel (some of the time): teachers who want to find balance in all areas of their lives without leaving a profession that they love.

I do this without focusing on what’s wrong and instead focus on what is, building on your unique lived experience, school situation, and personal needs.

Instead, I show you how to fill your own self-care and teacher wellness buckets through a variety of different tools and techniques and I do that by offering teacher wellness coaching while also holding space for the real conversations and considerations that arise when we begin integrating these tools into our lives.

That way you don’t blame yourself for “failing” or not doing something right.  Our teaching well community is about learning how to prioritize and nourish ourselves first and {un}learning the messaging that says self-care is selfish.

We are all at different stages of this teaching well journey, but together I know we can teach well together because #weareteachingwell.

Danielle Nuhfer

The Work I Do

My original programs, recommended resources, and guided meditations are great places to start on your #weareteachingwell journey.

You can find my writing on my blog, Medium or check out this post at Mindful Schools.

Every Sunday, I email you a Weekly Well Wish that will begin your school week with the support and encouragement needed to continue this journey. Think of it as a way to regularly fill up your self-care bucket. You can sign up to get them here.

I will be leading an online small group coaching program called We are Teaching Well. Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out.

If you’d like 1-on-1 teacher wellness coaching. Schedule a call so that we can chat!

I love working with teachers through professional development sessions in larger venues like schools or conferences (both in person & virtual). Check out more information here.

I also hang out on Facebook, Instagram, but you can always Email me too!

If you’re interested in checking out some of the places I’ve been asked to teach this work and what teachers and schools are saying, check this out.

If you are ready to join the #weareteachingwell community, then I am ready to meet you where you are!

More About Me