A Little About Me

I’m Danielle Nuhfer, a former public school teacher turned teacher wellness coach, author of The Path of the Mindful Teacher, and the founder of Teaching Well. With over 20 years of experience navigating the challenges of the current school system, I’ve dedicated my career to helping educators prioritize their well-being, leading to enhanced student outcomes and creating compassionate spaces for teaching and learning.

💡 Teaching Well Mission:

Prioritize well-being, elevate education, and co-create thriving learning communities. Teachers, lead with vitality. Leaders, inspire by example. Join me in the journey from stress to success.

🔍 Who I Work With:

I specialize in coaching and consulting services for:

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Superintendents
  • School counselors
  • Instructional coaches
  • Anyone passionate about prioritizing well-being in their school system to better serve students, staff and selves.


✨ Different Approach:

What makes working with me different is my belief in W.E.L.L. schools changing the world.  This change starts with prioritizing the well-being of the leaders and teachers in the school. I advocate for integrating a culture of well-being into school systems to support everyone. 

The Teaching W.E.L.L. Framework (link to Mission page) transforms schools by guiding participants from stress to success. Rather than a one-time wellness professional development or a single yoga class on a wellness day, Teaching Well will provide solutions for integrating well-being into the lives of leaders and teachers who are serving their students.


🌐 Core Mission:

Teaching Well partners with teachers and school leaders ready to elevate school well-being. Let’s create an inspiring, supportive, and effective learning environment for both educators and students.

🚀 Transformative Journey:

Teaching Well is not merely a resource; it’s a transformative journey where the work we do becomes the foundation for empowering educators and enriching classrooms and schools. Join me in reshaping our approach to education, where feeling well translates to teaching well. Together, let’s foster a #weareteachingwell movement.

🎯 This Work is for You if You’re Ready to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your students, staff, and yourself.
  • Minimize high-stress moments disrupting your day.
  • Address root causes of challenges in implementing self-care and prioritizing well-being.
  • Learn techniques to de-escalate stressful moments for you, staff, and your students.
  • Create systems for prioritizing tasks, providing more freedom with your time.
  • Eliminate guilt and shame, embracing who you are.
  • Create a life that balances professional and personal needs.


💡 What Does This Mean for You?

Teaching Well saves you from wading through generic self-care and well-being information. I bring over 20 years of classroom expertise combined with diverse experiences in health and wellness, offering tailored, well-rounded information that considers the unique considerations of educators.

Working with me allows you to learn more about yourself, and together, as #weareteachingwell, we support each other in the rewarding yet challenging world of education, creating a space to refill our self-care buckets with understanding and empathy.

Ready to start your Teaching Well journey? Take the Diagnostic. Schedule a call. Choose your WELL Path. Let’s empower and enrich your educational experience. #weareteachingwell 🌟

Visit https://calendly.com/dnuhfer/45min to schedule a call

The Work I Do (Resources for Teachers)

Through original personal/professional development courses, recommended resources, and guided meditations created for teachers by a teacher you can start your #weareteachingwell journey.

Looking for actionable steps to bring a little calm to your classroom?  Check out The Path of the Mindful Teacher for a clear and concise guide for teachers to move from stress to serenity and chaos to calm one step at a time.

You can find other writing on the blog, Medium or check out this post at Mindful Schools.

Every week, receive a Weekly Well Wish that will provide you with the support and encouragement needed to continue this teacher journey. Think of it as a way to regularly fill up your self-care bucket. You can sign up to get them here.

If you’re curious about joining the Teaching Well group mastermind, We are Teaching Well. Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out when it will be offered next.

If you’d like to learn more about school wellness coaching. Check out more information here or schedule a call so that we can chat!

Working with teachers through professional development sessions in larger venues like schools or conferences (both in person & virtual) is a great way to bring the message to the masses. Check out more information here.

I also hang out on Facebook, Instagram, but you can always Email me too!

If you’re interested in checking out some of the places I’ve been asked to teach this work and what teachers and schools are saying, check this out.

If you are ready to join the #weareteachingwell community and move from teaching hell to teaching well then I am ready to meet you where you are!

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