A Little About Teaching Well

I’m Danielle Nuhfer, a former public school teacher turned teacher wellness coach, author of The Path of the Mindful Teacher, and the founder of Teaching Well. With over 20 years of experience navigating the challenges of the current school system (including two bouts of my own burnout), I’ve dedicated my career to helping educators embrace and implement research-backed solutions to the pervasive stress and overwhelm running rampant in our education system, so that they can be part of creating a thriving learning community.

Teaching Well's Mission

We are committed to providing teachers with solutions to alleviate pervasive stress and burnout so that school communities can thrive because the biggest predictor of a school’s success is the mental health and well-being of their teachers.

Teaching Well's Vision

For all schools to be spaces where authentic teaching and learning happens because all stakeholders understand that when individuals feel seen and supported, the community thrives too.

For teachers to teach from the heart.

For school leaders to lead by example.

For students to learn and flourish.

For schools to thrive together.

Who We Work With

We specialize in coaching and consulting services for:

School leaders, check out this page for all of the specifics about our current professional development.

Teachers, looking to get this funded by your school? Here is some information about the programs and options for you.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes working with Teaching Well different is our commitment to not only offering these evidence-based solutions to teachers in the classroom but also how these transformations can have a positive ripple effect on student outcomes and school culture.

Teaching Well saves you from wading through generic stress reduction information. I bring over 20 years of classroom experience integrated with diverse experiences in health and wellness. This allows me to offer solutions that consider the unique needs of educators and schools.

This Work is for You if You're Ready to:

Here are some outcomes after working with us

For the teachers...

For the school leaders...

Ready to start your Teaching Well journey? Take the Diagnostic or Get Connected. Let’s work together to change our schools and change the world. #weareteachingwell