Instead of building sandcastles, build community this summer!


After regrouping from post school year exhaustion, you may be a little lost without all of the daily demands and stressors.  


Relax, breathe and enjoy!



Try to resist the urge over plan with lots of random “to dos” just to fill your time.  Instead why not try to get reacquainted with your little part of the world now that you may have a little more freedom and a little less stress?


Many people speak about the importance of supporting local when it comes to buying food or frequenting businesses.  But you can also support local just by being more engaged with your community in general. Delving into what your community has to offer while your school community is on hiatus is a great way to restore your health and well-being.  Building this connection may help you discover wonderful opportunities, help someone else, build relationships with others, create a network of support, and rediscover why you planted your roots in this particular place to begin with.


Here are some easy ways to reconnect and engage with your community this summer…


Be a tourist (in your neighborhood)

If you already take walks, try going different routes or walking on different streets.  Ride your bike, go to a new park, or stop somewhere new on your way home from running errands.  Try out a new restaurant or check out a new shop. Although you may think you know all there is to know about your community, explore your space with the eyes of a tourist.  If you feel inspired, create a list of all the places you could check out and try to be a tourist once a week.  If you have children, make this into a fun event that you do together throughout the summer.


Deliberate Acts of Kindness

Choose some places where you could be of service in your community.  Hopefully it goes without saying that you don’t want to take on too much, but is there a way to make a balanced contribution?  


Are there neighbors who may need a little help?  Are there opportunities to volunteer: plant flowers, pick up trash, walk dogs?  We may not have a lot of control over the state of the rest of our world, but if we can try to make where we live a better place, we will be increasing our health and well-being and this may inspire others to do these things too!  

Participate in Local Events

So often we go so far to do “cool things” but there may be great things happening in our own backyard.  Those things will not stick around if we don’t support them.  So on some of those days you aren’t on vacation are there local events you can find and take part in?  Often communities will offer free concerts, outdoor plays, farmer’s markets, and/or festivals throughout the summer months. Going to these local events are a great way to show support for your community and have fun at the same time.    


It would be great to hear some of the ways you regroup after the school year and if you find creating connections and supporting your your community helps with lowering stress and increasing well being.  Happy summer vacation!


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