Building Community is a Great Way to Build Health



You may not equate community building and health building, but one simple way to build well being is to build relationships in your community.  Your community could be any group that you are a part of: church, school, neighborhood, etc.  


So just as community building in our classrooms helps to create better relationships, lessen classroom management occurrences and provide students with a feeling of safety and security, building community relationships outside of school can help to create those same benefits in our lives.  


We understand the importance of building a strong family community, but creating bonds beyond our family will help strengthen the neighborhoods we are living in and help to break down the divides that can sometimes occur when people don’t really know one another.


Before we were such a mobile world, communities were the backbones of our lives.  Each person in the community had a role and everyone knew each other’s names.  Yes, it was rare to not know your neighbors’ names.  


So while we’re still spending ample time outside during this summer, find some ways to connect to your neighborhood community.  There’s no doubt that building the community around you is a sure way to build health…and it’s fun too!


Here are a few ways to get started:


  • Get to know your neighbors…even if it’s just their names.
  • Hang out on your porch or in your front yard.
  • Organize a block party.
  • Build a community garden or put your extra vegetables out in the front of your house to share with neighbors.
  • Find local places to volunteer.
  • Go for walks to meet new people.
  • Welcome new families.
  • Host a regular monthly gathering, same time, no RSVP needed.
  • Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk when it snows, especially if it is difficult for them.
  • Support your neighborhood schools.
  • Address concerns or issues directly with your neighbor.
  • Shop locally if you live near a business district.
  • Talk to other parents at the park.
  • Coordinate a neighborhood yard sale.


Years ago community was just something that happened because we needed one another.  With our increasingly busy lives and ability to connect with all over the world, we tend to neglect the gifts that are around every corner in our own communities.  With a little deliberate action, we can create healthier communities and consequently, healthier lives.


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