Here’s my cautionary teacher burnout story…


Today I’m sharing a little differently. I was blessed enough to be a guest on Burned In Teacher Podcast. Through this interview, I shared my not once but twice bout of falling into the abyss of teacher burnout.

These double bouts of burnout have been the impetus for Teaching Well and all the work that I aspire to do with teachers. In this Burned In Teacher Podcast episode I get very honest (perhaps the most honest I’ve been publicly) about my journey of burnout and back….and burnout and back again!

Although I am not necessarily proud of not learning from my experience the first time, I do feel like if others can learn from my story, they will not be in vain.

So today, I want to share with you this episode of Burned-In Teacher Podcast.

In addition to my cautionary tale, I also share some words of wisdom and actionable tips to begin to integrate into your school day.

Please take a listen and consider subscribing to Burned-In Teacher Podcast to get the support you need to beat the burnout and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Here are the key takeaways from the episode…

1. We are the solution to our stress. And this can be both empowering and a little scary.

2. Mindfulness practices can be extremely effective and impactful to the entire atmosphere of the classroom without teaching students any of these practices directly.

3. There are simple ways to bring mindfulness to the classroom:

Take three deep breaths at the beginning of the day, lunch break, Specials time, or prep period. When are other times you can sneak in deep breathing?

Center your feet and plug into them in moments of stress or overwhelm. Put a smiley face image or use a sticky note to remind you to get centered.

Use Silent 60 at the beginning of class. Tell students to close their eyes, put their heads down, and get quiet and still for a moment. Build bridge of, “that other stuff happened, but now we’re transitioning to a safe, quiet space.”

In addition to the podcast, check out these other incredible FREE resources from Burned-In Teacher:

hChapter 1 of the eBook “BURNED-IN Teacher Training: Eight Steps to Go from Surviving to Thriving in Education.” 

Webinar “Plan Your Next Nine Weeks in 90 Minutes.” This webinar helps teachers visualize, plan, create discipline, and intention around how they spend their time.

So hopefully you have both my experience, strength & hope AND some great resources from teachers who have been there and want to spare you from having to tell a burnout story of your own.

If you’re still looking for more. Check out ALL of Teaching Well’s Courses, Programs and Resources!


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