Engage your strengths for Mission Possible


Alright let’s dive right into our next step of building our Mission Possible Life Plan.

If you haven’t checked out the last two weeks, you can catch up here with reflecting on 2019 and here with creating your own personal mission possible statement.  

The goal of January is to create a personal “Life Plan” that will take you from just simply creating a mission statement to making your mission possible!

We begin moving toward our mission possible life plan by focusing on what we need to get us there.  Just like in our classrooms we have standards we want to hit every year, but we have to have a plan to get our students to where we want them to be. 

We always start with the end in mind (the standards) and then backwards engineer our lesson and unit plans.

That’s exactly how we’re building our life plan.  We started with our mission possible statement. Now we’re going to figure out in the next two weeks what we need to make the mission possible.

That will start with coming up with THREE “Key Characteristics.”  These are aspirational qualities that need to be developed in order to make the mission possible.  They aren’t necessarily qualities that you already possess fully, they are definitely intended to make you stretch a bit.

So get the paper out from last week where you filled in the Step 1 quadrant.  Look at your mission possible statement. And reverse engineer. What characteristics do you need to get to where you want to go?

I’ll share with you our example from last week.  Jordan and I decided to do a family mission possible life plan.  Our mission possible statement was:

Because many people believe that if they achieve a certain level of success or have the right things they will be happy but are often left feeling disappointed and unfulfilled, our family is committed to a life-long pursuit of happiness through choosing simplicity and purposefulness so that we can be stewards of the earth, inspire contemplation, parent with purpose, and live right-sized.

So we thought about what types of qualities we need to have in order to “choose simplicity and purposefulness” in our lives to make our mission possible.

One thing that we thought about was what strengths we have as individuals and as a couple. That was what guided our discussion.

So before filling in your characteristics, consider what strengths you have.  It’s far easier to make a mission possible when we engage our strengths instead of trying to improve our weaknesses.

It may be helpful to consider this with our students (and kids) too.  We often want them to improve their weaknesses and their strengths are underutilized.  What would happen if we really celebrated and activated their strengths? Perhaps they would figure out ways to have their strengths help them achieve instead of feeling like their weaknesses were just another liability.

So for this week, think about what characteristics may lend themselves to being your strengths AND can also help you make your mission possible.

For our example, we chose 

  1. being strategic
  2. cultivating a love of learning
  3. being grateful and compassionate 

We went a step further and described how that characteristic will help in making our mission possible.  

It may also be helpful to fill in the following sentence and write this in the Key Characteristics quadrant:

I need to demonstrate/develop ________ , ______, ________, because they allow me to remain committed to a {YOUR MISSION POSSIBLE STATEMENT}.

Action of the Week

  1. Download the pdf OR get a piece of paper
  2. Go through the process and uncover your 3 KEY CHARACTERISTICS that will help you make your mission possible.
  3. Fill in and post the following sentence with your characteristics on We are Teaching Well Facebook Group, email me, or share with a friend, family member or coworker:

I will demonstrate/develop ________ , ______, ________ in 2020 because they allow me to remain committed to a {YOUR MISSION POSSIBLE STATEMENT}.

You can access the exact template I used to do my own calendar audit AND mission possible statement/life plan here. For this week, just focus on the first quadrant. We will fill in the other boxes throughout the next few weeks.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to share, please jump over to the We are Teaching Well Facebook Group to share from last week or your personal mission possible statement. Have a great start to your calendar year and a great second half of your school year.  


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