Five Habits to Get Into this Summer



It seems near impossible to start a really great habit when school starts.  We have great intentions, but they are often overshadowed by reality. Instead of trying to do everything at once when you need to get back in the swing of things, why not try some new things now and see if they are worth your focus and energy?


If you’re looking to create more health and well-being in the off season, five habits to get into this summer are…


Adequate sleep
Reduce stress
Regular exercise
Build community
Improve gut health


Feel free to get a jump start into integrating these habits.  But stay tuned, each week we’ll break down one of these areas into a bite sized plan for building the habit into a routine.  Then when the school year rolls around, you only need to make minor tweaks to continuing those habits you really feel benefit you and your well-being.


Check this out to get a refresher about the habit loop and this if you want to learn more about the habit hack of pairing.



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