The Key to Increasing Physical Well-Being is Easier Than You Think!



There are countless exercise regiments and workouts, numerous theories, gadgets and accouterments to help increase physical activity.  But today, I’m going to cut through all of the data and red tape and give you the straight information.  


The bottom line is that just moving more will increase your health and well-being.  Period.  You don’t have to join a gym, take hours to lift weights every day, or pay for yoga classes…now of course those are all great things to do, but they are not the only ways to gain physical health.  


In fact, sometimes when we start to add those hyperfocused, intense workouts, we slack off with moving throughout the rest of our days.  This is the plight of the lazy athlete.  I only bring this up because I was a lazy athlete.  When training, I trained hard, but I didn’t do much else.  I did physical activity, ate and slept, but really avoided other physical demands.


What I discovered is that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was.  Now my goal has shifted from competing to being a healthier person: mind, body and spirit.  When this shift occurred, I realized the truth of physical activity: it didn’t matter what I did, but I needed to move more throughout my day.  That’s it.  That’s the secret.  Move more and you will be healthier.


So in our world of convenience, how do we find ways to move more?  
  • Take walks throughout the day.  


  • Park further away from the entrance to the stores when shopping.  


  • Take the stairs.  


  • Park a few blocks from your child’s school and walk to pick them up (then walk back to the car). Walk to do errands if possible.  


  • Take more frequent breaks during your work day and move, stretch during those times.


A few months ago, I started tracking the steps I took and was amazed at how little I moved other than my daily runs.  If it wouldn’t have been for those workouts, I would have been considered sedentary.  Because of this, I made a vow to walk 10,000 extra steps above and beyond my workouts.  This has been such a helpful habit to get into.  I am now figuring out ways to create opportunities for more movement into my life and hope to continue this when the school year starts.


So, of course it’s great to do regular workouts that make you feel good, sweat a little and get your endorphins pumping, but taking stock of your overall physical movement may be very eye opening.  I challenge you to bring mindfulness to your daily movement and examine where you could increase your physical activity which is sure to be a great way to increase your well being.  



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