It’s time to stop playing small


Did you know….

You are more powerful than you will ever know and more important than you will ever think.

That is not a joke or an exaggeration, that is the truth.

This week we are writing the last part of our Mission Possible statements and this is the week that we realize that IF WE DON’T complete our Mission Possible statements, complete those critical actions, develop those key characteristics, to ultimately make our mission possible, 


So, this is not to put more pressure on you, it’s simply to say that your mission is about you BUT isn’t just about you, it’s about all the other people who are out there being impacted by your mission.

If you don’t complete it…there may be other people out there not able to be the recipients of the action that you are clearly meant to put into the world.

Whether that be living an intentional life and serving as an example for others.

Or imparting information into your sphere of influence.

We may write our mission for ourselves or our family in mind, but there is a wider impact that our meeting this mission will make.

We call this part writing our mission’s THEME

So if you missed the last few weeks…here’s what we’ve been up to.  It’s definitely not too late…there’s no time like the present (and these missions will have profound impacts on you, your family and your community!  We need you to write the plan!

Check out these posts to get started or just download the entire document here:

  1. Took an inventory on what we did in 2019 and reflected on what we want more of and what we want to change.
  2. Identified and wrote our our mission (either personal, family, professional).
  3. Determined the key characteristics that are going to help us achieve our mission.
  4. Wrote down the critical actions someone could record us doing to help use cultivate our key characteristics which will help us meet our mission possible.

To develop our THEME we need to ask ourselves TWO questions:

Why does this mission matter so much?

What would happen if I didn’t complete this mission?

Why does this mission matter so much?

So why are you going through this process?  What is so important about what you are trying to do?  Think about this more globally, not just locally.  

When you complete this mission (or are working toward completing it) will you change?  Sure! And as a result of that what will happen? Will there be a ripple effect moving out to all the other people who are impacted by these actions.

They answer is YES.  This mission matters because you have created a plan of action that is going to positively impact you, which will of course make change for all those around you, and around them, and so on, and so on.

Although it’s about you.  It’s never just about you. And that’s not meant to stress you out.  It’s meant to empower you to see how lasting, impacting, and important your mission is.

What would happen if I didn’t complete this mission?

Really consider what could happen on a large scale if you didn’t complete this mission.  Would people suffer? Would the world miss out on your influence? Would there be something missing?  

I may sound a bit dramatic, but the answer is probably YES to those questions.  See, the thing about many of us is that we see our actions as inconsequential, but they’re not.

When we understand the absolute importance and impact our actions (or inactions) have on others, the world and our own personal fulfillment,  we are more likely to rise to the occasion.  

Our mission possible statements may be for us, but we are not the only ones positively impacted when they are carried us.  That’s why it’s so important to take time to write this part down and read it regularly.

Action of the Week

  1. Download the pdf OR get a piece of paper
  2. If you haven’t already done so, fill in the first three steps (Mission Possible Statement, Key Characteristics, Critical Actions)…you can also check out Teaching Well’s blog for more detailed directions.
  3. Fill in the THEME quadrant  
  4. Print out the entire page and hang it somewhere you will see each and every day.

You can access the exact template I used to do my own calendar audit AND mission possible statement/life plan here. 

If you’re feeling inspired and want to share, please jump over to the We are Teaching Well Facebook Group to share your THEME.  Look for the pinned post to add your Mission Possible Theme.

So now  you have your very own Mission Possible action plan for this year.  Keep it close, print it out and hang it up in multiple places. We’re now on our way of creating a year like  no other, both inside the classroom and beyond!

And if you’re ever in doubt, remind yourself to stop playing small.  You are more powerful than you will ever know and more important than you will ever think.  The world needs you and needs you to complete your mission.  You have your plan and now it’s time to get started!


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