Listen to learn. Learn to listen…


I’m not sure what has stopped me in my tracks more: the Covid-19 crisis that literally stopped me in my tracks or the protests for George Floyd and ending police violence in all their forms causing me to really pause and look at my world much more closely.

Being stopped in my tracks is not always so comfortable.  I want to move into action, share my thoughts, feelings, all the things.  I want to help and be better and do better.  But what I’m realizing is that I need to learn.  I can still do, but in doing I may just need to observe that my doing may not always be helping.

My voice may be needed but perhaps in a different way.  And I only learn these things through listening.  Learning through listening, observing, reflecting, and applying.

And I will make mistakes.  And I will say the wrong things.  And I will do the wrong things.  But I’m trying to stop in my tracks and be aware of what I was not aware of for so long.

If you are looking for some resources to help you stop in your tracks but give you some solid tangible things to do, these resources are a good start…

1. Rise Up and Work For Justice In Your School
This episode and transcript are packed with hope and inspiration and actionable ways we can learn and look for inequities in our schools and work for change.  It’s something we can all do in our sphere of influence.

2. Educators Responding to Nationwide Uprisings Resource Guide
This document is specifically for teachers of all grades to access different media and resources that will help discuss these big topics in relevant and meaningful ways.

3. Anti-Racism Resources
This resource is full of great resources for all people who want to take steps to be an anti-racist.  

Thank you for being here as we move through this together, helping each other along the way.  This is how we’ll truly build teacher wellness and resilience and bring that to our classrooms each and every day when we work with our students.

If there are other relevant or helpful resources, please feel free to send them to me and I will share them out on the We are Teaching Well page and the email list.  I will continue to share the steps that I am personally taking in this learning/unlearning process and how I’m trying to be an anti-racist ally both in name, but more importantly in, action.

If we stop for as long as it takes and listen to learn, then we can show our students how to learn to listen.


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