Teaching W.E.L.L. Framework

It's time to redefine what success looks like in schools through Teaching Well.

Instead of school success simply being about academics and achievement, our educators and leaders need to redefine success in our schools. 

To move from places of stress to places of success, all of our educational professionals need to learn the tools of being WELL. 

Well teachers change the world, and the empowered school leaders pave the way. By prioritizing well-being, educators do more than just survive… they flourish. And school leaders? They do more than just manage… they inspire.

Teaching WELL is a four part framework that results in participants learning how to bring these WELL skills to the places they teach and buildings they lead. 

By prioritizing well-being through the Teaching Well Framework, we can elevate our school cultures, inspire instead of just manage, and create profound, lasting impacts. 

The Teaching Well Framework stands as a dependable tool for schools. It offers solutions and support for educators and leaders facing challenges, enabling them to prioritize well-being and elevate education. Just as a well’s waters never run dry, we ensure that the well-being and success of teachers and leaders continues to flow.