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Welcome to the resources page for the book The Path of the Mindful Teacher by Danielle Nuhfer. Here you can find and download all of the resources mentioned in the book, with the resources being organized by chapters. Don’t already have a copy of the book? You can check it out by clicking here!

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Four Noble Truths of Teaching (JPG)

Path of the Mindful Teacher (JPG)

Working with the Serenity Prayer (PDF)

Chapter 1

What do you need to let go of to move forward? (PDF)

Chapter 2

Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness (PDF)

Teacher Self-Care Triage (PDF)

Self Care in Daily Life (PDF)

14 Day Mindfulness Log (PDF)

Chapter 3

Mind/Body Connection Journal (PDF)

Chapter 4

Flip the Script Journal (PDF)

Applying R.A.I.N.N. to School Scenario (PDF)

Chapter 5

Mindful Communication Partener Practice (PDF)

Document for C.A.L.M. Classroom (PDF)

10 Tools to Find Calm Amidst Chaos in your Classroom (PDF)

Chapter 6

Leaning Into Our Strengths Chart (PDF)

Chapter 7

Where Does My Time Go? (PDF)

Morning Peace and Quiet for Teachers (Link)

Intention Setting for Teachers (Link)

Reflection Practice for Teachers (Link)

Transition Gently from School to Home (Link)

4 Simple Self-Care Solutions (PDF)

Daily School Self-Care Routine Planner (PDF)

SMART Goal Worksheet (PDF)

4 Solutions for a 40 Hour Work Week (PDF)

Chapter 8

Positivity Practices (PDF)

Chapter 9

Working With Self-Compassion (PDF)

Chapter 10

Personal Responsibility Plan (PDF)