Make an after school date…with yourself!


Hello my fellow teacher friends,

This week is the FINAL part of the framework for a daily school self-care routine.  In case you missed any of the others, here are links to Quiet Time, Intention Setting, and Reflection.

This final part is the art of closing one door, to open the other.  It’s the actual physical choice of creating space between your work life and your life outside of work.  The self-care solution is WORK TRANSITION.

What is Work Transitioning and why is it important in our wellness routine?

This week is devoted to giving you a few helpful hints for how to include work transition into your daily routine.  Creating a transition between school time and other time is important for many reasons.  By creating a clear transition, we are creating boundaries for ourselves.  We are more likely to enjoy our time at home if we are present and available (much like we are striving to be with our students at school…either virtual, hybrid or in person). 

It’s true that many of us bring work home with us at night (or have trouble stopping if we’re at home all day), but at least transitioning mentally will help alleviate saturating our personal time with thoughts of school that are out of our control.

But where will I find the time to maintain this routine?

  • Build in your transition routine before you get home so that you don’t forget to include it.’
  • Make a plan for the week so that it’s a seamless transition.
  • Put a reminder note in your car or desk.
  • If you’re doing something active for your transition, pack your bag the night before or lay your clothes out where you can see them.
  • Set a timer or reminder for when you need to leave school/shut down your computer so that you don’t get caught there longer than expected.
  • Plan your schedule accordingly so that you don’t have to rush around after your transition activity and cause yourself more stress.
  • Choose enjoyable, fun and/or stress relieving activities that you want to do.

Helpful Hints for Work Transition:

  • Create a routine to transition from work to personal life.
  • Some transition activities include:
    • A Quiet Time exercise lasting from 1-5 minutes
    • Take a few minutes to read a paper or book that has nothing to do with your subject matter
    • Eat a snack
    • Take a quick walk
    • Go to the gym
    • Go for a run
    • Spend a few minutes sitting outside
    • Listen to some music
  • Anything that marks an ending to your work day so that you can be present for the rest of your evening, not sidetracked by school.

Here are some TRANSITION resources to get you started:

1. Here’s a mindfulness practice to support you with reflection specifically for teachers.

2. Here’s a one-page Daily Journal to download with the whole Teaching Well Self-Care framework, including a place for you to write down REFLECTIONS.

3. Interested in a full course for your self-care routine?  Here’s one that uses these four components as the framework.

Planning a work transition activity can be simple, but it can add so much to a day that may be bogged down with a lot of heavy stuff.  Plus, this is something that you are choosing for your own health and well being.  Have fun!  Try some different things.  Mix it up.   If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this website for a variety of little activities 

If I can support you in any way,  please send me an email checking in.  It’s always great to hear from each of you and support you through finding your self-care moments.

P.S. Looking for accountability? Space to talk through your challenges? Time to integrate the things that you know will support your own health and well-being with a fellow colleague who understands some of your current situation?

If this sounds like you, please schedule a time to talk {HERE} to see if we might be a good fit to work together!


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