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Building Community is a Great Way to Build Health

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  You may not equate community building and health building, but one simple way to build well being is to build relationships in your community.  Your community could be any

No Time to Practice Mindfulness?  Try These Ideas!

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  Integrating mindfulness doesn’t need to be boring or time consuming.  Get creative with how you approach your everyday tasks and there are sure to be places to create mindful

Instead of building sandcastles, build community this summer!

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After regrouping from post school year exhaustion, you may be a little lost without all of the daily demands and stressors.   First… Relax, breathe and enjoy!   Second… Try

What about only focusing on your strengths?

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How often are we told to improve our weaknesses?  How often do we have test remediation for students in the hopes that they will do better in a certain subject

Inclining our mind to kindness?

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Now that the clutter is slowly clearing away from the corners as a result of my successful January Happiness Project,  I thought February would be a great time to start

Why Our Jobs Just Became More Important than Ever

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I woke up this morning and the world is now different.  Sure something shifts every day, but today marks the advent of something that will inevitably go down as a

Book Review: The Classroom of Choice

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Community building, empowering students, having fun and learning how to cooperate are not pivotal new ideas in the realm of classroom management and education.  However, there was something about Jonathan

Simple Classroom Community Building Activities

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As the new school year is about to start and we are getting our class rosters, we are inevitably going to begin thinking about the first day of school.  How