Teacher Self-Care Triage: Move from Crisis to Calm


Have you ever found yourself feeling a little overwhelmed and you weren’t really sure how to proceed or what to do next?

I’ll answer that question for us all…YES, we taught during the 2020 school year!

AND…we’re about to begin the 2021 school year!

Often when we’re in a situation that feels urgent or like an emergency, we are more likely to become paralyzed and we react instead of respond.  The result can be that we do something that is not that effective or do nothing expecting the emergency to go away.

Now this may not be our initial reaction if our house is on fire, but what if our own health and wellbeing is the emergency?  

We often will try to white knuckle it to the end of the day or the week.  Or maybe we expect ourselves to hold until the next break or vacation.  If this is your pattern, then I have a resource to file away “in case of emergency.”

Print out and pass on the Teacher Self-Care Triage.  If you’re in a self-care emergency (or if someone else you know is) open up this resource and start working through it.

If you want to avoid the emergency part, print this out now and see if there are things you can do to help nourish your own health and wellbeing before the emergency occurs.

It’s kind of like practicing the emergency drill when everything is fine.  It familiarizes ourselves with the process when our brains aren’t hijacked with adrenaline, so that if/when that emergency happens we can be more level headed working through it.

So what’s in this self-care triage emergency pack?

Seven Step Self-Care Solution

Tracking Chart


{BONUS} 60 Self-Care Activities to do NOW!

You can access the full PDF HERE.

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks for additional resources that can be used to build your resiliency and offer some solid support during these unknown times.  We all need to feel connected and grounded when everything feels beyond our control (and right now so much of it is).  It is in that spirit I want to offer you these resources!

Have a wonderful week experimenting and getting curious about how to build a self-care routine and send me any comments, questions, concerns as you work through the materials.

P.S. If you’re looking for some extra support with building your resilience, schedule a complimentary clarity call to see if Teacher Wellness Coaching is the right fit for you.