Mastering Your Daily {HOME} Routine During the Coronavirus Crisis


I don’t think I have to tell you these are crazy and unprecedented times right now. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, almost overnight we’ve gone from the familiarity of our classroom to the uncomfortability of our home/work spaces.  

Most would agree that this is what the time calls, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t tough. 

Some days this is really tough.

Some of us may have dedicated offices while others are trying to juggle being a teacher, parent, and a partner all while respecting other people’s space and sanity (and taking care of ourselves as well).

Different schools have different expectations of what is possible or even necessary now that we’re all working and learning from home, and this can go for not only us as teachers but for our own children as well.

So although we may all be expected to do different things in different spaces, there is one thing that we all have in common:


When talking to teachers in the past few weeks (and from my own experiences), I’ve heard the following statements echoed:

“I’m struggling with setting definitive hours for work.  Right now it’s spilling over into the entire day and night.”

“I stop doing my work at times when I’m also helping my kids…I need boundaries.”

“Work is being done in all parts of my day.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

If it does and you are looking for some tools to make this difficult situation work for you, then I have no doubt that you will find the support you need, when you need it to make this sometimes difficult situation work best for you with Teaching Well’s Mastering Your Daily {HOME} Routine for Educators.

When I started hearing all of these similar sentiments, I thought that if we could just help each other create routines and boundaries that work for EACH of our individual circumstances, we could make this work for ALL of us.

If you’re ready to build a routine, get productive, and care for yourself so that you can continue navigating the ups and downs of remote teaching due to the coronavirus crisis, and want the help and support of other teachers, then this program is here JUST FOR YOU and JUST IN TIME…

====>>Mastering Your Daily {HOME} Routine for Educators<<=====

To build this community, there will be opportunities for weekly live calls for all participants…5 in total

Next, so that as many teachers can take part, I created a tiered pricing structure: essentially you choose the amount that works with your needs and situation at this time. 

Check it out and see if there’s a way to make this opportunity financially work for you!

Honestly, the more teachers we have join us, the more we all benefit.  Although we are used to working with students, it’s so helpful to continue interacting with fellow educators during this time of change.  By joining Mastering Your Daily {HOME} Routine for Educators, you will be able to meet weekly with a group of like-minded teachers (or catch the replay!) and create and build a routine with a flexible framework that can be used no matter the situation.

If you have any fellow teachers who are looking for support in building a routine now that they’re teaching from home, please pass it on!  Remember that registration closes on Friday, April 10th.


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