Workout your self-care muscles {Part 3}


Self-care opportunity with no appointment needed!

As these weeks are closing out in 2019, we’re taking small steps of self-care to increase our motivation.  Instead of saying we’ll change what we’re doing after this busy time, we’re making an effort to take some action for ourselves so that when the new year arrives, we may be in a much more motivated space.

The first week we worked on doing a small activity or being kind to our bodies in some way.  Last week, we tackled a nagging task so that we could feel a little more accomplished. Instead of adding to our list, this week we’re just going to shift the way we show up with the activities we’re already doing.  We’re going to bring mindful awareness to our day instead of just acting on autopilot.  

As teachers we are so busy.  Much of our days are spent doing, doing, doing with little time to reflect, gather ourselves or even check in.  When we get into this rut of doing, our autopilot mode takes over to try to help us out, but it really just takes us away from all the little things in life. This week, our challenge is to bring mindful awareness to a task you are already engaging in.  You are only one breath away from bringing mindful awareness to whatever you are doing right now.  

Remember that mindfulness is simply focusing on the present moment without judgment.  Hone in on your senses, what is right here? What do you see? What can you touch? Just by focusing on how it feels to walk down the street, take a deep breath while you’re standing in line, notice the beauty of the sunset when you’re caught in traffic, you may begin to shift your whole perspective on what is happening in that moment. 

The small events that happen in your day, if re-framed may bring a different perspective.  A short walk may relieve a headache, a warm beverage may lift your spirits, and just a few minutes of reading may bring you some relaxation.

According to Mark Williams in Finding Peace in a Frantic World, “Tiny actions can fundamentally change your relationship to the world for the better.” 

So you don’t even need to FEEL like doing these tiny actions in order for you to feel a little better.  Just by reframing your relationship to them and bringing to them a moment of mindful awareness, your whole attitude and outlook can change.

This Week’s Action:

Bring mindful awareness to a task today.

Try these steps:

  1. Choose a mundane task (walking, eating, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, etc).
  2. Pay attention to your senses and surroundings.
  3. Savor the moment.
  4. Repeat….

We all have tasks that we do on repeat, by bringing mindful awareness to our tasks we may begin to see the beauty in the little things in our lives.  This shifting of perception can change our entire outlook on life, one tiny action of self-care at a time until our motivation may be resumed.

Check in at We are Teaching Well, reply to this email or talk to a trusted friend or colleague.  You never know, your small action could be the motivation that others need to move forward with their own self-care journey!

I can’t wait to hear about your actions toward self-care this week.  And I also look forward to your holiday feedback.  And please consider  Click here to access the VERY SHORT survey to make your voice heard!  Remember all participants will be entered into a drawing for a prize awarded at the end of the month…just in time for the holidays!!


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